Pioneer Association of Ireland

Categories of Membership

Pioneer Association of IrelandThe PTAA has different categories of membership from the age of eight, to adulthood.


Application forms (with the appropriate fee) pertaining to minors, i.e., those under the age of eighteen, must be submitted by post along with a covering note from said minor’s parent/guardian indicating their consent/approval for said minor’s membership.


Those under the age of eighteen are not eligible to join online.

Lifelong Membership


(18 Years + only)


A Pioneer is a person who is aged eighteen or over and has not taken an alcoholic drink for one year prior to enrolment as a life Pioneer. The Pioneer takes the pledge of total abstinence for life. There are three rules for life membership:


  1. Abstain from all alcoholic drink
  2. Wear the Pioneer emblem
  3. Recite the Pioneer Heroic Offering prayer twice daily



PRAYER: ‘For Thy greater glory and consolation, O Sacred Heart of Jesus! For Thy sake, to give good example, to practise self-denial, to make reparation to Thee for the sins of intemperance, and for the conversion of excessive drinkers, I will abstain for life from all intoxicating drink.

Juvenile Membership


(8-11 Years Old)


Juvenile members are aged between eight and eleven years of age who, with the consent of a parent/guardian, take a pledge of total abstinence from alcohol to an agreed age. In addition they agree to wear the Juvenile emblem and, with their parent/guardian, say the Juvenile Prayer twice daily.


PRAYER: In Your honour, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, and with the help of Your blessed mother, I promise not to take any alcoholic drink before I am …. years of age. Grant me, O Lord, Your grace to keep my promise and to consider becoming a Pioneer when I am old enough to do so’.

Young Pioneer Membership


(12 – 18 + Years Old)


Young Pioneers are twelve years of age, up to twenty-seven years of age. They add a promise to keep off illegal drugs for life. As with all Pioneer members, they promise to wear the Young Pioneer emblem and to say the Young Pioneer prayer twice daily. Parental permission is necessary for Young Pioneer membership.


PRAYER: ‘Lord, for Your sake, for the recovery of problem drinkers and victims of substance abuse, to make amends to Your Sacred Heart for the intemperance in all our lives, I promise not to take alcohol drink until I am at least eighteen, and to keep off illicit drugs for life’.

Prayer For Drug Users


We commend to You, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, all those whose lives have been broken through the misuse of drugs. We ask You, Lord, to protect them from harm and restore them to health so that they can live out the years You have given them in serenity and joy. Praise to the Heart of Jesus, our King and our God!

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