July 2021 message from PTAA President

My fellow Pioneers and our very good Friends and our many Supporters throughout Ireland and many other Countries around the World, a message to you as we are now in July 2021.

Following a wonderful vaccination programme over the past six months to protect us against Covid-19 we can look forward in a positive way to get back to do the things we enjoy doing. We can look forward to hosting our National Ball in 2022, which has been a great event in the past gathering Members and friends from all over the Country. Similarly our National Quiz Competition which concludes with a finals event in a different Province each year.

To represent the Spirituality element of our Association which is most important to us, a very special occasion is celebrated at Knock Shrine on the third Sunday of July each year. This wonderful event is conducted through the Pioneer Association to honour the Venerable Matt Talbot as we pray for elevation to sainthood. In the past thousands of people would attend but similar to 2020 our 2021 celebration will be presented as an online Mass which will allow Members to connect with us not alone in Ireland but worldwide as well.

My sincere thanks to all our very dedicated Committees who meet frequently on Zoom to carry on the business of the Association at all levels. This applies from Central Council to Board of Management and also Provincial, Diocesan and Regional Committees.

On behalf of the Pioneer Association I offer my deepest sympathy to our Members and their Families who had bereavements for the past year. We pray most earnestly that through the intercession of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that we can face together the challenges and the opportunities that will be presented for the Pioneer Association.

Matt Boylan
President of the P.T.A.A.


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