How To Join

Types of Membership

The Pioneer Total Abstinence Association has different categories of membership depending on age, or whether it is a lifelong or a temporary membership.

  1. Lifelong Membership
  2. Juvenile Membership
  3. Young Persons Membership
  4. Limited-Period Pledge

It is also possible, of course, to support the Pioneers without becoming a member.

Any adult over 18 who has abstained from alcohol for at least one year in the immediate prior period may apply for lifelong membership.

Lifelong Pioneers commit to doing three things

  • Abstain from all alcoholic drink
  • Wear the Pioneer emblem
  • Recite the Pioneer prayer twice daily

Juvenile Pioneers are children aged eight to eleven years who, with the consent of their parents, take a pledge of total abstinence from alcoholic drink until an agreed age, typically 18. In addition they agree to wear the pioneer badge and to say the Juvenile pioneer prayer twice daily. Many of these join as part of PTAA activities at local parish or school level.
Young Pioneers are 12 years and over and take a pledge of total abstinence from alcoholic drink. This may be until a particular age – typically 18, or it may be that they move on and take the full adult pledge at 18. Regardless of what age a Young pioneer takes the pledge of abstinence from alcoholic drink, in addition they take a promise to keep off drugs for life. As with all Pioneers they promise to wear the pioneer badge and to say the youth pioneer prayer twice daily.
Please note that if you are under 18, application forms (with the appropriate fee) have to be submitted by post. A covering note from the parents to be provided with the application form indicating their consent/approval is also required.

Limited Period Pledge / Lenten Pledge

Some people wish to make a commitment to abstain from alcohol for a limited period of their life. This may be as a prelude to becoming a full pioneer.

Or it may simply be a sacrifice for a particular period.

Many people for example take a pledge for the Lenten period.

This may be renewed as frequently as is wished.

People who have made a limited pledge promise to say the Pioneer prayer twice daily for the period of the pledge.

Support the Pioneers without becoming a member.

Thousands of people across the country help the Pioneers by attending Pioneer events, organising activities, making church gate collections, etc. This support and help is vital and is deeply appreciated.

There are many ways to support the Pioneers without becoming a member:

  • Subscribe to the Monthly Pioneer Magazine – Click Here
  • Making a donation to help fund the Pioneers and their activity – 
    Click Here
    (to want to help/donate now)

Pioneer Total Abstinence Association Prayer

For Thy greater glory and consolation,
O Sacred Heart of Jesus,
for Thy sake to give good example,
to practice self-denial, to make reparation
to Thee for the sins of intemperance,
and for the conversion of excessive drinkers,
I will abstain for life from all intoxicating drinks.

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