Upcoming events

pioneer checking their diary

Quizzes, pilgrimages, golf competitions, religious feasts, and sports events – all Pioneer Association events for the months ahead are listed here.


Young Pioneer events

young pioneer at a sporting event

The National Youth Committee plays a vital role in the life of the Pioneers, designing and organising some terrific events to foster the energy of the Young Pioneers.

Pioneer events

The full range of Pioneer activities is described here, including the Réadóirí Talent competition – a perennial favourite – and the Gradam merit awards.

Resumption of Pioneer Under-18 Activities

It is important to note that Centres/Regions/Dioceses engaged in activities with under-18's need to comply with the following:

  • Members need to be vetted
  • Members need to have completed the necessary training in Child Safeguarding
  • Insurance paid in accordance with PTAA Policy
  • Central Office must be notified of any activity that is been planned 
Please contact Central Office (01 874 9464) for guidelines in relation to the above.